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Idea de diseño floral.

Living 17·05·2019

10 Instagram accounts for Flower Lovers

Understanding the language of flowers is much more than differentiating a peony from a rose. It is discovering this wonder of nature, using creativity to design true works of art.

Art & Design 29·04·2019

Design understood as a universal language

‘The visual creations by the Yonoh, Ashler and Guillamón Estudio studios have revolutionised the world of marketing with drawing as a means of communication. Direct messages and typographic innovation have set a precedent in Spain and abroad.

Living 18·04·2019

Gab Scanu, the new promising figure in aerial photography

This young photographer has revolutionised social networks with his aerial images of Australia, Mexico and Indonesia. His way of seeing the world has caught the eye of companies, namely: Google, Samsung, Lexus and Disney. All of them now work with him.

Continents 12·04·2019

Five-star rock

The joint venture between Hard Rock International and the Palladium Hotel Group has allowed for this hotel to be built by the d’en Bossa beach. The 493 rooms have a cutting-edge style, and furthermore, several types of technological equipment so that guests can put together their very own playlist and enjoy some of the classic tunes from the 20th century.


Living 22·03·2019

ECO designs for saving water

The latest report by the United Nations estimates that water shortages will have affected 5.700 million people by 2050. The Drops Roof system plates, the SmartWater device and the ECO technology applied to bathroom equipment all promote the conscious and responsible use of energy.

Living 14·03·2019

Raw decoration, nature with no filters

It is in this style where raw wooden elements are combined with more modern sober furniture. This aesthetic trend brings together rough and cracked textures with wooden beams, shelves, stools, side tables and metallic pieces.

Living 08·03·2019

Interior design focusing on women

They have turned interior design into their own language. They manage to express themselves, talk and give answers to the established order through interior design. A reflection of the daily habits in society.

Living 27·02·2019

The 15 oddest streets in the world

In this list, some of the most peculiar places on the planet are reviewed. Their architecture, colour, character and resources make them a tourist attraction so different from the rest.

Living 25·02·2019

Mediterranean watercolour paintings by Christoph Niemann

The German artist portrays the Mediterranean lifestyle through everyday scenes in the ‘Mediterranean Sketchbook’. By using blue with white, the artist travels through the streets of Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Marseilles in order to convey that calm sea which is part of their citizens’ everyday life.


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