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Icons 14·07·2020

Lifestyle live encounters

Interviews with designers and architects from around the world who tell us about their projects and concerns during the constant transitions and changes in these first 20 years of the 21st century. Concise interviews with key messages that provide a vision of commitment to the evolution of society through innovation, sustainability and well-being. A new awareness.

A look at the global concept of the city, urban planning, new construction and the interior design of spaces.

Design 13·07·2020

The wardrobes of the future are already here

What seemed like an invention from a science fiction film has become a real reality. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to have a wardrobe that uses ozone to disinfect items, irons and sorts your clothes or conceals them behind walls to save space.

Design 08·07·2020

New-impact jewellery

Body jewellery, incorporated into the human skin, to define a different approach to interacting with our vital organism and spirit.

Architecture 01·07·2020

The invasion of mutant gardens

All gardens are mutants by nature. Seasons and atmospheric changes leave their mark on the plant life cycle throughout the year. It is a simple spectacle that, when we see it, affords us an earthly connection with the vegetation around us, especially in cities.

This is about 08·06·2020

Casa Decor reopens its doors

The most important event in the home interiors sector is starting to ease restrictions, returning to Madrid’s Velázquez 21 mansion with sustainability and green interior design as core themes.


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