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Living 06·04·2021

Milan: made in italy style

They say it’s boring, grey and quiet. But they couldn’t be further from the truth. Milan, the capital of Lombardy, has other values. It is not Rome, it is not Florence and much less Naples or Sicily. Among its palazzos, its towers, parks and villas, there is an underlying calm through the centuries, which is only disrupted – significantly – by the creative momentum that has led the world’s leading architects, designers and stylists to make it the city of design, fashion and gastronomy. Milan is not about run-of-the-mill picture-perfect snapshots. But it wins over visitors with its beauty and its class.

Here are 20 reasons to visit and love it. It was difficult to stick to just 20. There are many more hiding behind its complex personality.


Living 03·03·2021

Dubai, where nothing is impossible

Ever bigger, ever taller, ever more luxurious. And, truth be told, ever more attractive. Dubai is the perfect combination of elements that have come together to make it an exclusive destination where stark contrasts set the tone. Dubai is the best place in the world to say “All that glitters is gold” – and actually mean it.

Colección de reediciones de Isist Atelier, director creativo Andreu Carulla

Design 25·02·2021

Design classics, now and forever

Various iconic pieces like Miguel Milá’s ‘Cesta’ lamp or Jordi Vilanova’s ‘Tiracord’ chair continue to appeal to new designers who have re-released and restored their work.


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