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Discover 05·11·2019

MoMA: Hello. Again

After four months of refurbishments and 450 million dollars of investment in its facilities, MoMA has reopened its doors with an exhibition space expansion, in which the real value of the remodelling is not a matter of metres, but the creation of a space which reformulates the experience between people and art in the Museums.


This is about 05·11·2019

From linear to a circular economy: a new era for plastic

One year after the launch of the Global Commitment to the New Plastic Economy, which promotes a new circular economy for the material, its first annual report reveals progress in reducing the use of virgin plastic, plastic pollution, and a growing demand in recycled plastics.

Secret corners 25·10·2019

Casa Tec 205: colour leads the way in Monterrey

The Madrid studio overseen by Belén Moneo and Jeff Brock pays tribute to Mexican vernacular architecture with this colourful and sustainable housing project.

Reminiscent of the architects, Barragán and Legorreta, Casa Tec 2015 is the prize awarded by the Tecnológico de Monterrey, which is geared towards raising funds to help the students who need it most.

Icons 24·10·2019

Lázaro Rosa-Violán: “The artisan touch is something we should not ever lose”

Passionate about art, his passion led him to attending classes as a listener at the Academy of Fine Arts when he was just eight; he ended up training as a painter. With a great cultural background, today he enjoys applying his talent in interior design in his own studio, something he has done since 2002. Today, this studio has 200 projects underway and 140 people on its books.

Technology 23·10·2019

The future of autonomous cars: reality or fiction?

The technological race towards autonomous cars is underway, and there are now a lot car companies which are showing their cards in the open war for the launch of the first prototypes.

Although companies such as Tesla, Hyundai, Volvo and Uber are moving steadily towards level 4 cars, there is still a long way to go in terms of engineering, infrastructure and legislation for the real establishing of hybrid driving in cities.

Art & Design 21·10·2019

‘Collage’ photography by Marco Laborda: the new composite art

From his creative Neurads studio, this artist with a Catalan origin who is based in Madrid, opens up the world in the art and advertising sector through his new conception of ‘collage’ photography. An analogue-digital evolution of paper clippings which simulates painted paintings, which has already been selected by international authors and publications to illustrate their stories.

Living 17·10·2019

Château de Gudanes: the three-hundred-year-old castle which “passed away”

Carried out by the Waters family, this three-hundred-year-old castle in the French Pyrenees starts a new life by being reconverted into a luxury boutique hotel.
After more than six years of arduous refurbishment, this old ruin from the 18th century receives visitors in search of historical vestiges and much needed tranquility among its frescoes, wooden beams and Venetian.

Discover 10·10·2019

The new Louboutin exhibition in Paris: where the stiletto took its very first steps

In February 2020, the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris will hold a big exhibition about the designer’s career which will include never seen before pieces, along with some of his most exclusive collaborations.

A place loved by him, and whose cultural offering left a strong impression on him when he was a child.

The stiletto with the famous red sole goes back to the place where it first made the heel-clicking sound.

Living 10·10·2019

Maribel Yébenes. From interior design to aesthetics

Isabel Preysler, Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey are some of the faces who have been Yébenes’ patients during her 40 years at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. Today, the skin of her clinics, along with the carefully worked interior design, show that beauty is also created from the inside.


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