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Colección de reediciones de Isist Atelier, director creativo Andreu Carulla

Design 25·02·2021

Design classics, now and forever

Various iconic pieces like Miguel Milá’s ‘Cesta’ lamp or Jordi Vilanova’s ‘Tiracord’ chair continue to appeal to new designers who have re-released and restored their work.


Design 16·12·2020

City lights

Every year, in cities and towns all around the world, a ritual of light takes place. A global communion beyond the religious or festive significance of Christmas, the change in the year or the practical sense of attracting visitors and encouraging shopping and consumption. Switching on city lights for the winter solstice reminds us of our childhoods, a sense of excitement reactivated every year by our inner child or the kids who surround us in our adult lives.

Design 08·09·2020

Light as a guide to Spanish design

Lighting has evolved towards the omnipresence of LED lights with a greater awareness of what light means for day-to-day living. Every daily activity, every action in our lives, deserves a different light.


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