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Design 24·04·2020

Creative solutions to beat COVID-19

The healthcare emergency caused by the coronavirus has resulted in a strong and coordinated collective response. Artists, creators, designers, entrepreneurs and volunteers have mobilised to help those who need it most with a series of initiatives ranging from the design, production and distribution of masks or visors, to the creation of collaborative platforms where solutions to the pandemic are shared.

Design, This is about 12·02·2020

Madrid Design Festival in five exhibitions

The capital is hosting the third edition of this event until 29 February with Turin as a guest city. With 290 activities planned and more than 400 professionals invited, the event transforms every corner of the city into an art gallery to “redesign the world,” as its motto suggests.

Design, Living 10·10·2019

The new Louboutin exhibition in Paris: where the stiletto took its very first steps

In February 2020, the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris will hold a big exhibition about the designer’s career which will include never seen before pieces, along with some of his most exclusive collaborations.

A place loved by him, and whose cultural offering left a strong impression on him when he was a child.

The stiletto with the famous red sole goes back to the place where it first made the heel-clicking sound.

Lifestyle Mayo 2020 – 419×350


Design 27·09·2019

80 years have passed since the Mayor sofa

The design by Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen consolidates its timelessness, some eight decades after its creation. We congratulate the iconic piece of furniture which laid the foundations of Scandinavian modernism.


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