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Design 08·09·2020

Light as a guide to Spanish design

Lighting has evolved towards the omnipresence of LED lights with a greater awareness of what light means for day-to-day living. Every daily activity, every action in our lives, deserves a different light.

Design 13·07·2020

The wardrobes of the future are already here

What seemed like an invention from a science fiction film has become a real reality. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to have a wardrobe that uses ozone to disinfect items, irons and sorts your clothes or conceals them behind walls to save space.

Design 08·07·2020

New-impact jewellery

Body jewellery, incorporated into the human skin, to define a different approach to interacting with our vital organism and spirit.

illustrations Instagram

Design 14·05·2020

The most original illustrations on Instagram

Various international artists have accepted the PORCELANOSA Group’s “Beyond the line” challenge, demonstrating, through their creative use of XTONE, that design is only limited by imagination.

Design 24·04·2020

Creative solutions to beat COVID-19

The healthcare emergency caused by the coronavirus has resulted in a strong and coordinated collective response. Artists, creators, designers, entrepreneurs and volunteers have mobilised to help those who need it most with a series of initiatives ranging from the design, production and distribution of masks or visors, to the creation of collaborative platforms where solutions to the pandemic are shared.


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