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Icons 20·12·2019

Luis Vidal: “Overpopulation creates depopulation”

From his own studio, Luis Vidal + Architects, this Spanish architect has become a world leader through his large and extensive projects, among which the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez airport Terminal 4 and Heathrow airport Terminal 2 stand out.


Icons 13·12·2019

Kike Sarasola: “Our goal is to improve people’s lives”

Methodical, intuitive and true to his principles, the chairman of Room Mate Group is one of the Spanish hotel market’s most important business leaders. With 26 hotels and seven tourist apartment buildings, this former jockey has expanded his brand worldwide at a canter and relentlessly. Undertakings are also an elite sport.

Icons 08·11·2019

The provocative ‘material ecology’ by Neri Oxman

Architect, computer designer, inventor and teacher at MIT Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; she oversees the research of new ways of meeting between digital manufacturing technology which can interact with the biological world. Neri Oxman is leading a new era for design where microorganisms, bodies, products and buildings can interact symbiotically.


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