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Living 21·12·2020

Christmas window displays

Who doesn’t remember Audrey Hepburn, black suit, high bun, black glasses, pearls and… the window display in that iconic Tiffany Blue?

A window display has a lot to do with the world of the senses: the message it conveys is a desire so subtle and magical that, with few (or many) elements, it creates the wonderful story we want to tell.

Living 23·10·2020

Architecture on two wheels

The urban paradigm shift includes bikes as a priority. It has been a long and slow road to raising awareness among citizens and institutions, because the goal is the optimal adjustment to a more agile and healthy kind of mobility. The first determining effect is less pollution, through gradual pedestrianisation and the steady introduction of bikes as an essential vehicle for urban cohesion.


Icons 08·10·2020

Cooking at a snail’s pace

Slow, that’s the idea, not only when choosing between the greengrocer and the hypermarket, but also in cooking, fashion, tourism, trade, exercise, sex and even in cities that claim to be in favour of this trend. But what does this philosophy, whose logo is an orange snail, really consist of? 


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