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Living 19·01·2021

Cuisine as art

In Spain, there is a saying that roughly translates into: “In the south, they…


Icons 08·10·2020

Cooking at a snail’s pace

Slow, that’s the idea, not only when choosing between the greengrocer and the hypermarket, but also in cooking, fashion, tourism, trade, exercise, sex and even in cities that claim to be in favour of this trend. But what does this philosophy, whose logo is an orange snail, really consist of? 

Interior Design, Living 15·11·2019

Patisseries: when gems are a delight

The concepts of jewellery, a luxury store and a restaurant intermingle in patisseries. Artistic creations dazzle like precious gems behind elegant showcases. Do not be fooled by the senses: gems are sweet and edible.

Interior Design, Living 06·11·2019

CasaPlata: silver futurism which escapes nostalgia

Inspired by the pictorial style by Giorgio Morandi and his poetic vision of everyday objects, the Lucas and Hernandez-Gil studio gives this eatery its own personality in Seville.

With a surrealist atmosphere and a silvery grey colour leading the way, this restaurant impresses, because of both its futuristic aesthetic and the richness of its dishes and cocktails, a reinvention of traditional cuisine.


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