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Living 03·03·2021

Dubai, where nothing is impossible

Ever bigger, ever taller, ever more luxurious. And, truth be told, ever more attractive. Dubai is the perfect combination of elements that have come together to make it an exclusive destination where stark contrasts set the tone. Dubai is the best place in the world to say “All that glitters is gold” – and actually mean it.

Living 23·10·2020

Architecture on two wheels

The urban paradigm shift includes bikes as a priority. It has been a long and slow road to raising awareness among citizens and institutions, because the goal is the optimal adjustment to a more agile and healthy kind of mobility. The first determining effect is less pollution, through gradual pedestrianisation and the steady introduction of bikes as an essential vehicle for urban cohesion.

Living 29·11·2019

Hot springs and signature wines, the perfect plan for escaping to Ribera del Duero

Founded in 1143, this medieval abbey that once housed the monks of the Cistercian order is today a five-star spa hotel made up of 79 rooms and 16 treatment cabins. The thermal zone includes 2000 square metres and its mineral waters of high medicinal value come from the same San Bernardo spring.

With a long family tradition, the Arzuaga Navarro winery is another mandatory stop to get to know the region through its wines and signature dishes.

Living 05·11·2019

MoMA: Hello. Again

After four months of refurbishments and 450 million dollars of investment in its facilities, MoMA has reopened its doors with an exhibition space expansion, in which the real value of the remodelling is not a matter of metres, but the creation of a space which reformulates the experience between people and art in the Museums.



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