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Living 17·10·2019

Château de Gudanes: the three-hundred-year-old castle which “passed away”

Carried out by the Waters family, this three-hundred-year-old castle in the French Pyrenees starts a new life by being reconverted into a luxury boutique hotel.
After more than six years of arduous refurbishment, this old ruin from the 18th century receives visitors in search of historical vestiges and much needed tranquility among its frescoes, wooden beams and Venetian.

Living 25·09·2019

Europe gets around on a Bicycle

The change in the mobility system and the sustainable initiatives developed by the EU have led to the bicycle boom, one of the most used means of transport in Europe. Among the European cities that use this type of vehicle the most, it is worth mentioning Holland (71% of the population), Finland (57%) and Denmark (56% of the population).

Living 18·04·2019

Gab Scanu, the new promising figure in aerial photography

This young photographer has revolutionised social networks with his aerial images of Australia, Mexico and Indonesia. His way of seeing the world has caught the eye of companies, namely: Google, Samsung, Lexus and Disney. All of them now work with him.

Living 27·02·2019

The 15 oddest streets in the world

In this list, some of the most peculiar places on the planet are reviewed. Their architecture, colour, character and resources make them a tourist attraction so different from the rest.


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