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Interior Design 08·02·2021

Casa Josephine and the art of interior design

Cultured yet unpretentious, harmonious and ever-evolving, and artistic with a firm eye on the decorative style of the context. This defines the ambiences created by this design and architecture studio that knows how to listen to – and respect – the spirit of a space.

Living 19·01·2021

Cuisine as art

In Spain, there is a saying that roughly translates into: “In the south, they…

Discover 08·01·2021

Museums with a gift

Visiting museums, exhibition centres and cultural institutions has become a safe haven of learning and understanding of history and the future, not only when we travel to new places, but also in our home cities.

Interiors by women mark a new era

Interior Design 31·12·2020

Interiors by women mark a new era

Interior designers who tear down walls, forego the conventional and bring innovation to spaces to turn their personal vision into timeless design. This is the new generation of women designers and architects who are leading the future of interior design.


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