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Architecture 13·10·2020

MEETT, the new “machine” building

The new MEETT building offers an architectural connection to Toulouse’s farming and space industries. A modular “machine” building designed to host major science exhibitions and fairs, continuing the city’s innovative drive in recent years.


Icons 08·10·2020

Cooking at a snail’s pace

Slow, that’s the idea, not only when choosing between the greengrocer and the hypermarket, but also in cooking, fashion, tourism, trade, exercise, sex and even in cities that claim to be in favour of this trend. But what does this philosophy, whose logo is an orange snail, really consist of? 

Architecture 18·09·2020

The “BOOM” of the architecture of books

Irma Boom is one of the 21st century’s masters of book design. With her work, she reaffirms the survival of this form of reading and learning, as long as the reader is surprised and the book features an architectural dimension.

Icons 15·09·2020

The house of CANDELA CORT

The designer Candela Cort is preparing for a busy start to the Autumn this September, publishing La Fábrica, a book of her most important works, and opening an exhibition at the Galería Minim in Madrid in November. This exhibition will show her most emblematic works, hanging, shade and nylon headdresses, plastic landscapes and others made with negatives… her active creativity spanning almost 30 years.

Design 08·09·2020

Light as a guide to Spanish design

Lighting has evolved towards the omnipresence of LED lights with a greater awareness of what light means for day-to-day living. Every daily activity, every action in our lives, deserves a different light.


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