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Discover 28·12·2020

The trends that will triumph in 2021

2020 will go down in history as the year that changed the course of things. The question now is, in which direction? From reconnecting with nature to prioritising wellness, here are the ten trends that will lead the way next year.


Living 21·12·2020

Christmas window displays

Who doesn’t remember Audrey Hepburn, black suit, high bun, black glasses, pearls and… the window display in that iconic Tiffany Blue?

A window display has a lot to do with the world of the senses: the message it conveys is a desire so subtle and magical that, with few (or many) elements, it creates the wonderful story we want to tell.


Design 16·12·2020

City lights

Every year, in cities and towns all around the world, a ritual of light takes place. A global communion beyond the religious or festive significance of Christmas, the change in the year or the practical sense of attracting visitors and encouraging shopping and consumption. Switching on city lights for the winter solstice reminds us of our childhoods, a sense of excitement reactivated every year by our inner child or the kids who surround us in our adult lives.

Art & Design 14·12·2020

ARCO turns 40

Maribel López, director of ARCO – Madrid’s International Contemporary Art Fair – talks to Marisa Santamaría about the links between design and architecture and art.


Arquitectura 10·12·2020

The new, humane brutalism

What has become of brutalism? That groundbreaking, unadorned exhibitor of raw materials and construction materials that gave a human dimension to the formal and essential meaning of architecture.

Its monumental impact may have softened in the twenty-first century, but its influence continues to thrive in developments by various architects and studios, demonstrating how relevant it remains: now adapted to a new, more sustainable and serene perspective.

Discover 07·12·2020

San Francisco, the essence of California 

There is something about San Francisco, a Mecca for surfers, a sea lion reserve and the headquarters of cutting-edge technology, that makes the world see it as a standard-bearer of individual freedom, design and the good life. There are hundreds of reasons to love it, and at Lifestyle by Porcelanosa we have chosen 20 that define its style and spirit.


Icons 03·12·2020

Mars: ready to move in

Now that space tourism seems increasingly feasible, colonising Mars no longer sounds so much like science fiction. With their ambitious, multidisciplinary and collaborative artistic project, Brits Ella Good and Nicki Kent delve into what a human home would be like on the red planet, and they question how we live on Earth.

Arquitectura 01·12·2020

Micro spaces for macro lives

These are unprecedented times of revolution for housing. The reduction in the size of homes is a trend that will endure, and with it, a continuous adaptation to new changing interiors. This is a reinvention that is starting with a shift in everyday activities, as tiny spaces lead to design that makes the most of every habitable square metre.

cuevas de madera

Arquitectura 26·11·2020

Contemporary caves

The need for a place to live and shelter from the elements and the things happening in the world, where we can watch events unfold while feeling completely protected, is one of our most ancient instincts, and one which is rekindled now more than ever. The urge to hide away and submerge ourselves in a new domesticity points to an approach to architecture and interior design that goes back to when humans used caves as dwellings. 

Arquitectura 25·11·2020

Architecture decides its future II

Five prestigious architects reflect on the evolution of cities and housing to find a common response to the challenges of tomorrow, centred on the concepts of sustainability, architectural restoration and technology.

Arquitectura 24·11·2020

Architecture decides its future

Five prestigious architects reflect on the evolution of cities and housing to find a common response to the challenges of tomorrow, centred on the concepts of sustainability, architectural restoration and technology.

Arquitectura 19·11·2020

In the public eye

Beyond offering a public service, institutional architecture projects the image of a city. Giving it personality is a way of talking about history, legacy, tradition and also the future. Let us consider some examples.


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