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Architecture 21·05·2020

The future of the home after Covid-19

The lockdown has revealed various defects and shortcomings in people’s homes and has led to a new concept of residential architecture, based on habitability, exterior orientation and sustainable design.

Architecture 15·05·2020

Hospitals reinvent themselves after coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned hotels, public parks and sports halls into health centres and healthcare architects are studying new construction formulas based on sustainable materials, industrialised structures and flexible design.

illustrations Instagram

Design 14·05·2020

The most original illustrations on Instagram

Various international artists have accepted the PORCELANOSA Group’s “Beyond the line” challenge, demonstrating, through their creative use of XTONE, that design is only limited by imagination.

Design 24·04·2020

Creative solutions to beat COVID-19

The healthcare emergency caused by the coronavirus has resulted in a strong and coordinated collective response. Artists, creators, designers, entrepreneurs and volunteers have mobilised to help those who need it most with a series of initiatives ranging from the design, production and distribution of masks or visors, to the creation of collaborative platforms where solutions to the pandemic are shared.


Lockdown cinema: Films to watch with the family during the quarantine

The living room or the master bedroom can become the best cinema. All you need is a big screen and a decent sound system, and you can sit in your armchair or on your sofa to enjoy the cinematic entertainment. To do this, the Lifestyle Magazine team has put together a movie season with some of those must-see films.

Architecture, This is about 15·04·2020

Quarantine listings: Six online documentaries for understanding the architecture of tomorrow

Culture has become our best ally in coping with COVID-19. Films, books and music take us away from the daily onslaught of information and show us that other reality as designed by architects like Frank Lloyd, Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid in each of their works. Many of them have been eternalised through cinema or documentaries. In this article we show you some of the cinematographic relics that you must see during this quarantine.

Icons, Interior Design 30·03·2020

These are the interior designers that will inspire you to redecorate your home

Now that much of our activity takes place at home, it’s the perfect time to finish those things you started one day, to resume the hobbies you neglected because of a lack of time or to review the decoration of your home, rearranging its contents. In the following article we’ll share with you some fascinating Instagram accounts that will inspire you to rediscover your home without leaving it.

8 March: Women's Day 06·03·2020

Influencers and architects that you should follow

Irene Echeverría, Elisa López, Macarena Gea and Virginia López have turned social networks into their best portfolio. Their way of communicating and explaining contemporary interior design has enabled them to strengthen their personal brands through a community of followers who interact, supporting and sharing each of their projects, so that they serve as inspiration for new generations.


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