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Architecture 17·11·2020

Transportable architecture. From the forest to the sea and from the sea to the mountains

Portable modular or industrial constructions are a fact and constitute a rapidly evolving revolution. Combining design and biomimicry, the concept of the house attached to the person and moving with them reflects the way molluscs live: home and life are inseparable. The idea of carrying your home on your back, like a snail, is a real architectural current that is advancing slowly but surely.


Icons 04·11·2020

Sally Hambleton, the secret life of flowers

It smells like London in spring, but it’s autumn and we’re in Madrid. In the Prosperidad district, to be precise. In this little square, if you follow the trail, you will see four shops with black and white striped awnings, some interiors painted in a bluish green that also recalls England and suddenly boxes, drawers, crowns, scissors, loops… signs that there has been a party here. And it’s the same every morning.


Interior Design 30·10·2020

Fashion is now dressing houses

With home life gaining importance, some of the most popular brands in the luxury fashion industry have entered the world of interior design, showing that the way we dress and the way we decorate our homes are two forms of personal expression that are closer together than you might think.

Architecture 28·10·2020

The new architecture of teaching

Academic architecture requires specific spaces that are conducive to study, the concentration of research, the exchange of ideas and discussions between peers in order to generate critical thinking and enhance learning.

Living 23·10·2020

Architecture on two wheels

The urban paradigm shift includes bikes as a priority. It has been a long and slow road to raising awareness among citizens and institutions, because the goal is the optimal adjustment to a more agile and healthy kind of mobility. The first determining effect is less pollution, through gradual pedestrianisation and the steady introduction of bikes as an essential vehicle for urban cohesion.

Interior Design 20·10·2020

The new era of healthy offices

In future, the efficiency of offices will be measured by their ability to safeguard the health of employees and they will be designed with a view to greater productivity, creativity, and personal, digital and virtual interconnectedness, both internal and external.

Architecture 13·10·2020

MEETT, the new “machine” building

The new MEETT building offers an architectural connection to Toulouse’s farming and space industries. A modular “machine” building designed to host major science exhibitions and fairs, continuing the city’s innovative drive in recent years.


Icons 08·10·2020

Cooking at a snail’s pace

Slow, that’s the idea, not only when choosing between the greengrocer and the hypermarket, but also in cooking, fashion, tourism, trade, exercise, sex and even in cities that claim to be in favour of this trend. But what does this philosophy, whose logo is an orange snail, really consist of? 


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