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Secret corners 25·10·2019

Casa Tec 205: colour leads the way in Monterrey

The Madrid studio overseen by Belén Moneo and Jeff Brock pays tribute to Mexican vernacular architecture with this colourful and sustainable housing project.

Reminiscent of the architects, Barragán and Legorreta, Casa Tec 2015 is the prize awarded by the Tecnológico de Monterrey, which is geared towards raising funds to help the students who need it most.

La Maison de Pierre Yovanovitch

Secret corners 22·08·2019

La Maison de Pierre Yovanovitch: interior design as a piece of art

After eight years in the creative team of designer, Pierre Cardin, Pierre Yovanovitch decided to create his very own studio in 2001 in order to devote all his time to his real passion: interior design.

With the American designers of the 40s and 60s and the Scandinavian style of Axel Einar Hjorth as a source of inspiration, Yovanovitch creates refined but unpretentious atmospheres in which modern elements go hand in hand with vintage art pieces.

The designer’s greatest work is his own studio, La Maison, a living reflection of his signature seal: Made in France.


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